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Monosyble & Merge

Five Principles to MERGE MERGE Characters are arranged equidistantly, aesthetically and / or intuitively. Each Character = one syllable or unit A unit may be

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Mind Body

MIND / BODY Acrylic on Canvas, mixed media 75” x 108” 1996 – 2020 As one of the most influential paintings to have never been

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Safe Sex

SAFE SEX, hand drawn and painted on Rives paper demonstrates the precision and steady hand of JMe’s early “Character” pieces. The time-consuming energy and the

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Nude Nude

2 layer Lithograph, 15” x 20”

Edition of 45 

This was directly drawn on the stone in a two layer process exploring text and the figure utilizing the Monosyble method.

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Jonmarc Edwards (1st Catalog)

This is the first catalog to introduce the complexity and scope of JMe’s inspiring art work between two covers. Presenting work from the Eighties and revealing the gradual artistic breakthrough of the Monosyble / Merge style. This catalog contains two fascinating and distinct essays and many reproductions.

52 pages, 11″ x 8.25″ 2002. Softcover

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Writings Personal The Business Acumen of Andy Warhol JME, 2009 Eureka Springs JME, 2005 Sages Urges Splurges Wages JME, 2003 Painting Text JME, 2003 speech

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Painting Text

Painting Text Painting and text go together, like the cave paintings of Lascuax or the clerical scripts of the Zhou dynasty. Akin to these early

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