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Alan Turing

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Alan Turing was a British mathematician who is credited with cracking the Enigma machine as part of the Nazi coded correspondence during WWII. He was also considered by many as the “father” of artificial intelligence. This painting by JMe is a homage to Turing and a quintessential example of the Monosyble text, a coded compressed typography. Using the words YES / NO jonmarc equates these basic pairings to the binary computer language of zeros and ones. YES and NO are enhanced by their composition and design with the YES text subtly resembling a monetary symbol and the NO text utilizing the cross-out or slash to denote negation or against. Another formal conceit is the painterly camouflage surface of the painting suggesting hiding in plain sight or secretly masking the multiple meanings of the painting of which there are many. In addition to the content of this painting it is an important artwork both as a prime representative of the potent Monosyble language and as an example of abstract painting initiating subjective viewpoints within the realm of formalistic art making.

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