A Thundering Ha!

26 Mar 2021

Eureka Springs

26 May 2005

Sages Urges Splurges Wages

26 May 2003

Painting Text

26 May 2003

speech less ness

26 Oct 2001

Sugar Coated

26 May 2000


Essays, Interviews, Reviews

Jonmarc Edwards: The Language of Abstraction

Shana Nys Dambrot Los Angeles, November 2013

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JonMarc Edwards

Whitney May, NYArts Magazine, June 2007

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Antoinette de Stigter, Director, Art Affairs Gallery, September 2004

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Self Contained

An interview with JonMarc Edwards, Franklin Sirmans, May 2004

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The Physics of Spirituality

Valerie Gladstone, New York Magazine, October 2003

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Frequently Asked Questions, JME

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The New Paradigm

Michael Somoroff, 2003

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The Art of JonMarc Edwards

David Hunt, 2002

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Monosyble is many, yet one

Alice B. Story, October 2001

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Essays, Interviews, Reviews