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Burning Bridge

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Using performative actions as a way to create a painting with elemental flare and intuitive instincts, fire is the underlying power of Burning Bridge. Using a blank mahogany panel JMe composed a lattice of Monosyble “BRIDGE” constructs to suggest a bridge formation and then proceeded to burn the panel from the center. Before allowing the “burn” to get out of hand JMe doused the painting with piles of ash smothering the flame and creating a beautiful texture and palate of black, gray, white and red mahogany hues. The piece was eventually given several coatings of matte medium to preserve the luster and protect the surface. Although this work may appear fragile and weakened from its fiery beginnings Burning Bridge is a powerful composition using the “Bridge” Monosyble motif. Three more paintings were completed in this series but as of yet have never been shown together.

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