The Physics of Spirituality

Dates of Exhibition: May 22 — June 14, 2003 
Opening Reception: May 22, Thursday

In June a book signing with Rabbi Yehuda Berg, his latest book, “The 72 names of God”, attended by well-known followers of the Kabbalah. Also, a lecture with selected physicists, artist, and theoreticians.

Artist, as working individuals, are isolated, yet connected to an energy and consciousness that is a part of humanity and finds its way through these individuals. Physics quantifies energy, light, nature and correlates the functions in the internal and external minds. Whereas, spirituality, which can also be equated to energy is an internal wisdom related to mind, body and spirit, which hopes to spread the positive and healing realm throughout the universe.

How do artist fit into the Physics of Spirituality? Very much so, artists are in touch with this intangible energy and force which resonates throughout the world, emanating from the events of humankind and nature. Especially artist who tend to follow through with the visions, feelings and energy coming through their being, no matter how unbelievable, complicated or disassociated the work may seem to be. Theirs is a language so strong, that the artist themselves cannot stop the force of energy that encompasses their being. Through the use of materials and technology they have found a voice in this manifestation of thought. Sometimes it comes through clearly, it allows the viewer to look beyond words and language used to describe our being and earthly limitations. This spiritual nature of the artist is not to be ignored, since the reasons we are here and the directions we are going as a artist cannot stop the urge or desire to pick up a brush, pencil or even to manipulate an image on the computer, trying to achieve an effect that is subliminally important for one reason or another.

Westwood gallery, in the past 8 to 10 years has noticed a movement of artists, many who are not aware that any such direction is happening, because they are focused on their work. These particular artists are not interested in the appropriation of imagery, but are experimenting or trying to closer to the internal truth that is presenting itself various forms. What separates this movement of the “Physics of Spirituality” is the time and thought process that the artist has allowed to evolve through their mental and emotional state. There is a clear and concise analogy that can be made in direct relation to time, space, movement, energy, light, consciousness, language or some form of communication of thought.

Margarite Almeida 
Executive Director

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