Eureka Springs

You know how the sun radiates light upon the moon
Burned our skin rouge as we ate Roquefort and laughed

We feel the brilliance of the sun, lizards on limestone

And Eureka! The spring where we shed our clothes
Cue ball kiss corner pocket, albeit awkwardly

The moon. The moon reflects the light from the sun to our eyes

Infinitesimal photons collide and wave
Equal to the Milky Way

Radiation, information, calculation

Einstein’s chalk breaks
Hmmmmmm We regress into a cosmic dust plume

Our bodies. Our bodies absorb the light

The slow atmospheric re-entry
We settle on rose petals

Skinny-dipping we slip bright as black light


Have you felt that moment right before daybreak?

And when the moon is full 
Listening to fresh dew

That is the moment when we spiral back to Earth

A Venus flesh knot, bathed in moonlight glimmer
Our molten dark bodies warm

Ancient as the new moon

A light shadow, our human eclipse
Fleeting alignment, not light but a likeness

Embers from the bonfires

That creates certainty that
One plus One is the light

Our bodies the moon and we laughed.

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