Painting Text

Painting and Text go together like the painted caves of Lascuax and the graffiti… errr, the symbolic activity that inhabits the walls therein. Like the caves of our early ancestors, my studio is a refuge that allows me to mythologize or record the invariable barrage of visceral information and the spectral foreboding of today’s primordial environment.

The convergence and integration of each entity’s strengths and weaknesses create what I feel is a powerful mode of expression and communication. In Painting’s case, its virtuous history, tactile physicality is obvious but its vulnerability as a viable art form makes it nostalgic. As for Text, its insatiable need for attention, malleable and viral insertion into all mediums has made it ubiquitous and self-replicating. Painting Text to my mind is the act of creating abstract (non-linear) statements or observations about the state of being aware in the world.

It is this union of mind (Text), body (Painting) and soul (the viewer) that has led me to creating a system of re-thinking words into images, creating patterns that both echo the content of the Text while at the same time challenging the viewer to rethink the multiple ways we have of knowing and communicating. Influenced by Asian cultures and a variety of writing systems, I developed a simple algorithmic / creative process called “Monosyble”. The five principles of Monosyble configure, compress, compose and convey most languages into visual and legible (if need be) content. This has been the terra firma for me to explore and comprehend the fleeting surroundings amid the enduring darkness.

“Challenge the viewer, interpret, make decisions, decode, and respond. Amongst the chaos, take a position.”

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