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Author: Jonmarc Edwards

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle was the first painting that JMe uses the excess of discarded materials from his studio floor to create layers of texture and complexity. The

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Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a British mathematician who is credited with cracking the Enigma machine as part of the Nazi coded correspondence during WWII. He was

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Phoenix Heart

Unlike larger canvases utilizing the repurposed components from discarded stencil elements, JMe’s Phoenix Heart sizzles with layers of crimson, magenta, burnt orange and cadmium yellow

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Atlas returns to the theme of global warming and waste which JMe is committed to bringing to the viewer’s attention. The canvas operates as a

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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022! My favorite month of the year (if I had to pick one) is January. Always filled with hope and anticipation. It

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Burning Bridge

Using performative actions as a way to create a painting with elemental flare and intuitive instincts, fire is the underlying power of Burning Bridge. Using

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One Kilometer Away

One of the earliest larger paintings still intact and the first painting completed after Jonmarc’s trip to Japan, One Kilometer Away is an excellent example

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JMe went through a period in the late eighties of painting large un-stretched canvases. Using grommets at the top to hang these pieces the work

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Figures In Speech

Figures in Speech is a visceral and nuanced painting made from squeezing Monosyble (Compressed Text) text by the artist’s bare hands. As the crushed text

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