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Author: Jonmarc Edwards

Willow Brook Ave

Willow Brook Ave. was the first street JMe lived on in the East Hollywood area of Los Angeles after having moved back to Southern California

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Ixnay Fauntleroy

Ixnay Fauntleroy is a painting with a split personality. Divided visually by its horizontal title at the top left side and complemented underneath by a

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I Feel Fine

I Feel Fine is the best Beatles video excluding HDN material. First recorded feedback on vinyl. Paste link in browser, listen and see

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Concealed by the arbitrary placement of colorful squares, the subject of the painting evolves into a metaphor for color as a distraction. At first glance,

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Is Maru?

Is Maru the finest coffee in Los Feliz? Los Angeles? The United States? Some would think so, including my son who will wait in long

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