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Author: Jonmarc Edwards

Joe Kelly Traded

Fan favorite Joe Kelly was traded to the Chicago White Sox today. Hey Dodgers, I hope you know what you’re doing. ):  

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Virgil Village

Virgil Village is an area between Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Primarily a district centered around Virgil Avenue, a throughfare that connects East Hollywood to

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Celebrate YOU!

Celebrate YOU! I have just completed this painting above as I continue to wrap up the last few years of work exploring, implementing, and re-purposing

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Bloop and Penny

Remember “Bloop” on the television show, “Lost in Space,”? Will Robinson had the robot so his sister needed a friend… Not sure how many episodes

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A little-known painting but instrumental in JMe’s early “fragmented” works of the mid-nineteen-nineties. FETISH was imagined as a multi-color character painting but after completing the

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Subliminal Seduction

I know a subliminal message when I see one. I read Wilson Bryan Key’s book, Subliminal Seduction in tenth grade. The book describes with many

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