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Author: Jonmarc Edwards

The Whole Wide World

Enigmatic would best describe The Whole Wide World. Using a short, powerful message to create a visual frame, the words force the English reader to

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Let Them Eat Paint is a humorous painting with a nod toward the old adage made famous by Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake.” In

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Radiance is an excellent example of JMe’s layers of interpretation and meaning lying below a seemingly simple surface. Once again, JonMarc uses broken glass to

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Don’t Say MacBeth

The title informs us that this is a dramatic painting or at least one with intuitive panache. Painted during the summer of 2020, Don’t Say

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Sharp Pants

In June 2021, a large rock was thrown through JonMarc’s studio window in the early morning hours. Nothing was stolen, but there was some damage

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Plastic toys, reusable bags, and other discarded debris fill JMe’s unique container/frame painting with what appears to be floating chunks of ice (or, what some

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SPOTLIGHTS can be seen as an index of sorts, a musing of possibility. Once again, using studio materials such as paint jar lids, pencil erasers,

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