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Airline Napkin

I laughed immediately, as soon as he handed me the pretzels and napkin (as if i was going to get my hands soiled from a slight bag of six mini pretzels). I felt like I had at that moment, at 36,000 feet above sea level, a super power, like seeing through brick walls or at least seeing how things really were… it was effortless and only wished I could make sense out of other mundane events in ones life; was there really more to “have a nice day” ?

After “we’ landed and after circumnavigating the LA freeways in a most circuitous fashion I went directly to my Silver Lake studio and opened up “photoshop” never forgetting what motivated me. I was still laughing to myself as I hit “save as” and only hoped that someone else would see the humor. LMK. :))

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