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The Debriti Show!

The Debriti Show!

In 2016, I presented The Debriti Show! in communities around Southern California. The immersive installation originated with my interest in “text as a commodity.” TEXT, to be sold by the ounce and dispensed as you would tea, coffee or medicinal herbs. The installation included a glass cabinet, shelves and a white board. During the “Show” or event “Word-tenders” (think of a bartender serving up words) would assist customers with their questions, demonstrate various uses of Debriti and encourage customers to sample Debriti and find out for themselves as to its relevance and purpose. The installation succeeded by engaging the public into a hands-on relationship to letters, words and poetry as well as introducing the concrete power of letters and words.

Since its first few exhibits the installation has grown, The Debriti Show! project now includes a stand-alone website, videos, interactive pieces and live readings. The Debriti Show! has traveled to other states and is now booking more shows around the country.

Regarding the “dispensary of letters” the artist said, “ DEBRITI represents a new relationship and understanding we have with text. Beyond the inherent “meaning” contained in letters and words, Texts also have “meaning” in the concrete (physical) form. These physical attributes when used properly release energetic forces that can empower your daily life.”

The original dispensary is located in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles, other satellite versions of the Debriti Show! are equipped to travel and set-up shop quickly, maybe in your local art gallery, community space or literary club?

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