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What If We Went To Moscow? Christiane Jahaty – Redcat theater

Christiane Jahaty latest theatrical / filmmaking event was exquisitely presented. Inviting the audience to simultaneously consider their perspective and the artist’s creative choices within the context of Chekhov’s play, Three Sisters. The audience was broken up into two parts with one half lead to experience the live theatrical version of the play and the other half watching a live edited feed of the play. Each sister had a camera following them in the play so in the filmic experience you were able to witness close-ups, private moments and alternative dynamics to the narrative of the story. The theatrical side was assisted by translating message boards above the stage as the play was performed in Jahaty’s native tongue, Portuguese. This added to the flavor and tempestuous relationship between the characters and reinforced the visual keys to the sonic moments. There was, humor, nudity, confrontation and audience participation . To learn more about the exciting immersive performance and the work of Christiane Jahaty follow the link below.

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