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Installation Class, Discussion points – pt. II

Discussion points installation / site specific pieces

Gender, social awareness, environment…

What are the political implications or statements you are making?

Size/scale… Establish your “boundaries” either through demarcation or content of the piece

Emotion… Are you feeling emotionally connected to the work? Give yourself time to “get into character.” Get out of comfort zone. Learn something about yourself through the process of performing. Push or take ideas to another level.

Preparation… Are your technical issues set and ready to function properly? Again, be in a “Performance state of mind,” readiness to execute your piece without distraction. Do you need a docent or someone to help set the stage or audience while you prepare for the performance? Think about the way the viewer will be watching (POV). Be creative about when and how the piece will be starting.

Visual look/costume, Props… If you are wearing your clothes you wore to CalPoly we will interpret that to mean it is part of the piece. If you leave your book bag or lunch box in the frame of the piece we will interpret that to mean it is part of the piece. Be sensitive to your surroundings and costumes!

Document time commitment to do projects. Sketchbook, storyboards, detailed notes, voice memos…

Control, Commitment, Confidence, owning the work!

Remember, Grade affected by late assignments. Be on time. Witness and feedback contribution to other people’s projects is important

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