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Installation Class, Course Description

Dan 273 Modern Dance I-II                            Prof Gayle Fekete

Winter Quarter 2014                                       Visiting Artist Jonmarc Edwards

Installation                                                      41-24  #2790

Cal Poly Pomona

Course Description:  This course is an introductory course to modern dance with focus on interdisciplinary work specifically site and instillation contemporary forms and practice. The course will include exploration in movement and its’ relationship to space within the theme of place. The class will encourage students to think visually and work with others in team supported processes in the studio and outdoor lab environments. The class will also encourage collective work and conceptual thinking. The class will include guest visits from professional artists. Students are encouraged to enroll in DAN 294L section 2 for 1 unit of outside lab time.


A. Attendance and Participation                                                                      25%

Attendance is very important and so is on time arrival. There is only 2 absence permitted before it affects the attendance grade 10%, and absences will only be accepted for compelling reasons or illness. Small projects, free writes and participation challenges 15% will be developed in class. There are no makeups or substitute assignments. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes for site work.

B. Independent Site Projects                                                                                        25%

Students will be placed into installation teams to explore 3 dedicated sites on campus. The focus is on PLACE and how that resonates with the team collectively or individually.  Assignments are due 3rd, 6th, and 9th weeks. Teams can present in order of preference, and are encouraged to spend time on site at different times throughout the quarter. Presentation of projects due in real time or DVD accompanied by documented process/research notes or narrative. Working points of view will also include: use of voice, memoire, and identity.  5 min maximum per student. Students can facilitate or assist on independent work.

Site 1 Parking Garage

Site 2            Japanese Garden

Site 3            CLA

C. Report on Modern Choreography in Live Performance                      10%

Student Faculty Dance Concert 2014 Feb 6,7,8 2014

(2 pages typed with program and ticket stub)

Prepare a brief written report/insight of modern choreography viewed in live performance from the point of view of place, concept or site.

D. Research Paper                                                                                              15%

 Research on a movement based performer or group/collective that fits under the umbrella of installation performance/art practice. 5-6 pages with cited sources

e.g. Anna Halprin, Ann Carlson, Martha Clarke, Survival Research Lab, Marina Abramovich, Laurie Anderson, Kei Takei, George Coates, Robert Wilson, Wooster Group                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              E. Final Team Site Project                                                                                25%

Team installation project. No changes to groups. Presentation of projects due in real time or DVD accompanied by documented process/research notes or narrative. Document process and final presentation due during finals week in real time or DVD. Students can resource material from independent projects.10 min maximum per team.

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