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FLUTTER, the omnipresent element

an immersive installation by jonmarc edwards

August 11th – August 19th, 2018


Live Installation and exhibition w/ Artist Reception:

Saturday August 11th, 5pm through 8pm

Sunday August 12th, Noon through 4pm

(cycle duration approx.15-20 minutes)



660 South Avenue 21 – Studio 6

Los Angeles, CA 90031

For more info call 323.868.XXXX or 213.483.XXXX

Visual Artist JonMarc Edwards invites you to FLUTTER, an extraordinary event at the SEARCH + RESQ Gallery located near the Brewery compound in downtown Los Angeles. FLUTTER is an immersive installation, where participants are spellbound by intermittent flurries of text, meaning and chaos. FLUTTER is an experience that connects both the visually stunning with the metaphorically inspiring. Earthy, humorous and wise, the conceptual installation visually asserts that language is an essential element; the classic fifth element; air, water, fire and wind (and as ubiquitous.) FLUTTER empowers participants to interact and make sense of the linguistic fabric that is all-around us; concrete, profuse, disposable – unique!

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