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Light on the other side

Figuring it out. What will my next step be? Accessing the past but moving forward, not in a straight line but in an imaginative course. May the path be filled with surprise,  humility and wonder. Yes, I feel stronger now, this year, this terrible crazy year, stronger than I have in a long time. Cutting back on social media, sending out postcards, listening and reading. Community is necessity. Community is outreach. Reaching out, further, share opportunities, support marginalized visions. The liberation from self-interest will be a vital catalyst toward an inspired course of action. Recognize while reflecting, how is it possible to be in the quasi-dark, living in some kind of artificial light but convincing myself, informing the work that any light is good light? And all the while, not questioning something as intuitive as opening up my eyes a little wider to see an unmitigated moiré pattern of inequality. I plan to continue a relative silence for the next few months, keep my eyes focused on the drawing board, value compassion, publicize only intermittently and pray for the new year. To ultimately proceed and extend my creative voice while listening and seeing the light of others.

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