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Batman and Robin Album

Batman and Robin album

My parents gave me this Batman and Robin album for my birthday at the height of the Batman TV show craze. I remember playing it a few times but not liking it all that much, there was no Adam West monologs, Batmobile sound effects or outright commercial breaks. The title song was recognizable but not like the opening credits sequence from the tv show and the rest of the songs were weird and instrumental, no pow, no zonk. However, I liked the graphic quality of the album art and kept it on a bedroom shelf as a back drop to my Batman model, Hot Wheels collection and Beatles stuff, it was a pretty cool arrangement if I remember correctly. Recently, I uncovered my childhood tchotchkes and got around to playing the Batman and Robin album, what a trip! This record is out of sight 😉 As I got deeper into the music I decided to do a quick internet search on the album and find out who was the “Sensational guitars of Dan and Dale” and what else had they done. After a few minutes of surfing I discovered that their was no Dan and Dale and that much to my chagrin Dan and Dale was actually the work of Sun Ra and his ensemble group the Arkestra. I’ve been on a Sun Ra and Jazz organ kick for the last week, can you dig it. Follow the link for more info regarding the Batman recording with Sun Ra; very interesting.


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