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Subliminal Seduction

I know a subliminal message when I see one. I read Wilson Bryan Key’s book, Subliminal Seduction in tenth grade. The book describes with many descriptions and visual examples the way advertisers and corporations will manipulate pictures and photographs to arouse desire and hopefully influence your decision-making process regarding, consuming, or purchasing a product or service. I wish I had written down every instance since then when I became aware of being manipulated by a photo-retouching, or artwork alteration. It happens all the time. (see insert for Amazon Prime) Although Subliminal Seduction has been criticized for simplistic conclusions and manipulation of facts it was a fascinating read for a fifteen-year-old kid and least I forget to mention, an introduction by Marshall McLuhan! The book is still relevant, and I think of it every time my Spidey senses tingle and I feel I am being manipulated :犀利士

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