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Phoenix Heart

JonMarc Edwards

American (Leavenworth KS. 1959)

Phoenix Heart

Mixed media on Canvas

20 x 16 inches, 2012


Phoenix Heart exemplifies the smaller studies from the Counter-space Series. These works were primarily painted between 2011 through 2016 when JM fully developed his Debriti (debris + graffiti) style. Using the counter-space form (the negative space between letters) he shook theses shapes onto raw canvas by incorporating a dispersal technique to implement random, curious and surprisingly delicate compositions. He proceeded to cover the compositions in translucent paint mediums spraying numerous layers until the overall nature of the piece had been achieved.

The act of shaking the unique forms from a dispersal apparatus articulates JonMarc’s faith in the physicality of the creative process. Phoenix Heart (and other studies) reveals JM’s interest in the synthesis of distinct properties; paint, form and activity – paint’s sensual attributes, form’s raw depiction and the physical act; both intentional and spontaneous.

The Counter-Space Series represents the dialog between the conceptual space and the physical act of painting.




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