Newsletter Vol. 28, 2010
Winter – A Calendar of Events  JonMarc Edwards – Artist

Special Announcement From Erika, my neice!
I have been running for over 15 years. In high school, I was the very first girl to run in the cross country state championships all 4 years. Running has always been my favorite hobby, a race here, a race there… We are talking 3 to 6 miles though… This is my very first marathon! I am excited to be running 26.2 miles for such a good cause. AIDS is impacting over 50 thousand people each year. Knowing that I am helping to make a difference has given me motivation for waking up every Sunday morning at 8am and go running anywhere from 8 to 22 miles. Please support me in my marathon, and miles. donate to an important cause. THANK YOU! Best, Best,
Erika Korndorfer
Incognito is Coming! May 1, 2010
Now in its sixth year, INCOGNITO has raised more than a million dollars for SMMoA since its inception in 2004. This legacy would not be possible without the collective generosity of hundreds of artists who donate their time and talent in support of SMMoA each year.

Check out a new short story “The Butterfly Wing Dust Manager” in the personal section of the WritingTexts category of the jmeart website.

Void Boom acrylic on paper 14” x 18” 2009
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