Newsletter Vol. 27, 2009
Fall – A Calendar of Events                             JonMarc Edwards – Artist

Not much is happening this “quarter” as far as getting out into the public arena with my arsenal of artworks. I am doing mucho work in the studio and have a new series of paintings dealing with the negative space between words / letters. Otherwise, have a great Fall and send me emails regardless with news or questions.

My friend and a very talented performer / artist Toby Huss will be performing the Rudy Casoni Christmas Show at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Feliz.
Click on poster for more info.

Check out new Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classic I. 5 great Noir films with extra features including a great commentary with James Ellory and Eddie Muller regarding the great film “The Line Up.”

Shock mixed media 8” x 10” 2009

For more information about these projects or image requests please contact jME at:

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