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MISTERKRYPTO.COM will be coming soon to a computer or smartphone near you. MISTERKRYPTO.COM was born out of the recent name change from Staples Center to here in Los Angeles. MISTERKRYPTO.COM will follow crypto-related stories, facts, falsehoods, and events that relate to all things cryptocurrency. As everyone should know, the cryptocurrency (and NFT’s) “industry” is playing havoc on our environment and is not simply the latest financial pyramid scheme. It is a cartel of rabid technocrats controlling idealized notions of the proverbial “get rich quick dreams” and preying on you feeling futuristic, bold, and alternative. Nothing could be farther from the truth (well, maybe a few things). MISTERKRYPTO.COM will be a pro-climate awareness site while having fun and exchanging ideas about how we can make money or invest without having to wreak havoc on our environment. There will be humor at the “Crypto Keepers” expense. We will have experts (I am not one) commenting on the environment, alternative investing, and “beware” stories of ordinary people who have been burned trading on cryptocurrency. Ultimately, we hope to bring this sector under review and let the bits fall where they may. If crypto is good and pro-environment, well, by all means, invest until’ your smartphone burns a hole through your hand or your brain. But until then, come to MISTERKRYPTO.COM for the latest in eco-finance, read up on the most recent snake-oil products, and be informed of all the bad advice coming from these techno-hucksters. Hopefully, we can help (or you help us) direct your daily life into something bigger and more meaningful than just making ends meet or purchasing the latest platinum tennis shoes.

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Thank you, JMe

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