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John McLaughlin, Total Abstraction

John McLaughlin Paintings: Total Abstraction

BCAM, Level 3

November 13, 2016–April 16, 2017

The void is tangible to the soul; the void can move you into the realm of clarity and focus and this feeling is perceptible. Seeing the John McLaughlin exhibition at LACMA was a gift to my spirit and had a calming effect (during these precarious times) not withstanding the touch of “perceptive awareness”. I knew the work very well and had seen many paintings first hand over the years but to see all these McLaughlin’s together under one exhibition was enlightening. As I wove through the exhibition last week for the last time during its run I was aware through ponder and focus that it was giving back, Mc Laughlin’s have an imitable way of exuding creative energy in a way that helped me sort through things happening in my art life. I used the exhibition as a doorway to seek direction and focus in my own work and to this end I once again plead guilty for finding solace from others for my own selfish needs. Yes, when proportion and understanding are achieved to the level of a John McLaughlin painting the void is a very meaningful and energetic place!


Featured Image: #5 1974. Oil on canvas


John McLaughlin Exhibition, LACMA 2017
chairs are unnecessary …!


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