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Jasper Johns, Mind/Mirror

Jasper Johns Mind/Mirror

Whitney Museum, NYC


I saw Johns’ Something Resembling Truth at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles in 2018 with many of the pieces included here at the Whitney. But this time around I was able to experience one of my favorite living artists with my children. I have seen many Johns shows in the past, but it was pleasure to see this exhibit from the perspective of my kid’s fascination and their multitude of questions regarding the great Jasper Johns. Mind/Mirror was a two-part retrospective (a doubling) presented at the Whitney and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The show exhibited all his iconic and best-known work, flags, targets, and maps but also his latest work up to 2020. The show was organized in chronological order with each gallery giving space to his ideas and interests. I enjoy his large flagstone pieces with sculptural components whereas my kids like his later works with skeletons and painted body fragments.


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