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FLUTTER is a Currency

Alphabets, logograms, syllabaries, the diverse writing systems of the world all reside in the realm of the omnipresent, an essential element; like air, water and fire – universal, pervasive.  Individual letterforms for example when arranged intentionally (as opposed to randomly or abstractly) become a word, a phrase, a sentence, a body of text. These “texts” behave as currency. Currency as in monetary value, ex; advertising or branding but also currency as in “exerting an energy,” a current or exchange. An example of this would be poetry, graffiti or word puzzles

FLUTTER is an immersive installation utilizing swirling printed letterforms as a metaphor for the atmospheric conditions influencing our lives. But FLUTTER also represents the ubiquity of textual currency; money, expression, (oppression) and power. Texts are everywhere and nowhere, useless in their abundance, valuable in their acuity. FLUTTER explores our current dilemma, that is, the textual toxicity; the causality of meaning-less and fraudulent texts that saturates our societal ever-present .

Due to this recent textual toxicity and the technological explosion of handheld and compact personal devises, ignorant, irresponsible and at times vindictive messaging and branding schisms, (to name a few) have infected many of the creative echelons, poetic soap boxes and neutral platforms we employ (and enjoy) on a daily basis. The sheer volume alone is enough to wreak havoc on an otherwise viable exchange of facts, expressions and opinions.

So this will not be news to anyone, we are living in a state of textual inundation; filled with streaming falsehoods, fake intelligence, dubious alliances and alt-facts perpetrators. Disseminated through multiple platforms and various dark money schisms. We all need to maintain sound judgement and clear headedness as best we can. We could easily get worn down by the volume of incompetence and witlessness. You must admit however the problem has reached a critical mass, the buffoonery is no longer an experiment or any laughing matter. We need your help, please, through inspired imagination and active participation – the problem is at your footsteps and fingertips, press your personal activation button now.



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