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Buster Keaton Studio

I was binge-watching Buster Keaton films, many that filmed in and around Hollywood. Listening to one of the extras about Keaton locations, I was surprised that he (Like Chaplin) had his studio in the Hollywood area during the 1920s. I noted the address and one day, while in the vicinity, went to the original location of Buster Keaton Studio, the intersection of Eleanor Avenue and Lillian Way in Hollywood, CA. Keaton made ten feature films and multiple shorts in the 1920s from this studio, using nearby landmarks and various streets to help create his memorable comedic films. Although the names and facades have changed into multiple productions or lighting houses, there are still remnants of some silent studio buildings in and around the Hollywood and Vine radius. If you are in the area, google a silent film actor, location, or landmark from this unique Hollywood area. Create your own informative and fascinating walking tour with current architecture and location subtleties to compare to the original films. Enjoy!

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