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56 Beaver St.

Erik Wesselo’s 56 Beaver St.

Story by Erik Wesselo & J.M.Edwards

Screenplay by J.M.Edwards

“56 Beaver St.” is a book of photos and a screenplay. It is a story and an accumulation of Erik Wesselo’s experience as a foreign exchange art student in NYC during the 9/11 crises and the aftermath that played out in his life in America during that time.

“56 Beaver St.” the screenplay is a story about a foreign exchange student who experiences 9/11 first hand as his home 56 Beaver St. is condemned in the aftermath of the catastrophic event. He overcomes homelessness and a nomadic existence and with a bit of luck secures a vehicle where he escapes the upheaval of NYC and drives the U.S. interstate to Los Angeles to seek a dream and find a way back to reality. However, dreams have a way of getting in the way of reality…

“56 Beaver St.” explores the issues of being an outsider in a familiar culture, the trauma of PTSD and living / existing during a time of great cultural upheaval presented in a poetic-realism sensibility.


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