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Willow Brook Ave

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Willow Brook Ave. was the first street JMe lived on in the East Hollywood area of Los Angeles after having moved back to Southern California in 1990. It makes sense that this painting which directly emphasizes the power and formalistic attributes of the “square,” is also a pervasive shape in most of the artworks from the Silver Lake Series. The square’s size and content accentuate the wood panel’s overall composition while delicately balancing its placement within a minimum of surrounding components. Around the perimeter of the square, a flourish of various maroon and cobalt blue undertones surrounds an array of lime and chartreuse layers of paint, giving the square both a receding and embossed quality while bursting out with internal color. The lower third of the panel is left in a state of unpainted glossy stencil relief, catching the vertical drips and blobs of paint from the painting activity around the square. Finally, a vertical white titanium stripe at the bottom left corner and a mirroring stripe at the middle right side give an overall poise, creating a counterbalance to the square and the wood panel.

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