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What is Manual Text?

What is Manual Text?

Manual Text is a textual dispensary center conveniently located at MARKET off the 101 Freeway in Silver Lake Ca. Manual Text offers the post-modern consumer a comfortable and clean environment to peruse and purchase a variety of textual products. We call these textual products, DEBRITI.

Why do we need DEBRITI? DEBRITI represents a new relationship and understanding we have with text, that is; beyond the inherent “meaning,” text contain physical attributes of energetic force that can empower your daily life. Letters, words, characters and犀利士
the myriad of arrangements and systems that utilize these graphic notations to communicate and emote have “meaning,” “expression” and “practicality” in the concrete (physical) form as well as the conceptual or idea based attributes; writing and speech.

How many times have you wanted to throw words back into someone’s face? (Please use our Air variety Debriti for this purpose only) Throw “Caution” to the wind or gently lay some positive thoughts on the precipice of a mountain? Now you can with 100% all natural, recycled and biodegradable Debriti. Our counter sales force will help prescribe or assist you in your decision making process regarding what you actually need to give you more Z-I-P and D-A-S-H in your step, fill that hollow part in your soul, behold that word that might just turn your luck around or create that visceral phrase that will help you even the score with an over zealous co-worker. With DEBRITI you can now literally drop some S-C-I-E-N-C-E.

Manual Text dispensary offers many varieties of Debriti and options to choose. Including our one-word packets, the “AIR” variety that flutters at a breath, Rare Pink Keepsake, or our standard bag of Green, Red or White 100% all natural Debriti. Manual Text will help empower your life through Debriti! Ask our inspired sales force how you can get involved with the Debriti revolution, the new way to let words speak as loud as actions!

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