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What Is Debriti Exactly?

What Is Debriti?

The dictionary will in time define Debriti; as a compound word composed from the words debris + graffiti) Debriti is composed of 3D letters or fragments of texts that have been purposely dropped, thrown or placed illicitly in a public or private space to call attention to itself and make political, personal or artistic declarations.

A metaphor for and more importantly, an antidote to the proliferation of words, hateful speeches, status updates, blogs and tweets, DEBRITI can be used to take concrete action to protest excessive and hyperbolic media as well as state/corporate surveillance. DEBRITI has been left on street corners, doorsteps, and on neighbors’ bookshelves.

Drop DEBRITI trails in retail stores or pile it into the corners of your home for good luck. Cast your DEBRITI to the wind, drop it off cliffs or place it under your pillow. DEBRITI should be used with care, wisely and with regard to those who might encounter DEBRITI. This relationship between dispersal of DEBRITI and sharing the action of spreading text or language is essential to the experience. Used properly DEBRITI is more powerful than any drug.

DEBRITI is sold at participating dispensaries or apothecaries. It is 100% natural, recycled and biodegradable. Letterforms and counter-space (the formations around and inside the letterforms) can be purchased together or separately. Debriti brand uses the highest quality pressed chipboard, cut in Los Angeles from the finest precision lasers and hand selected.

What will you do with your DEBRITI ?


Debriti© is the brand name and trademark for laser cut letterforms and is sold under copyright of artist jonmarc edwards and Debriti Brands©




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