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Truth Is Beauty

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JonMarc began the Truth Is Beauty painting inspired by the anime and maga comics in Japan. As JMe explored the various genres the concept of virtual vs. natural beauty became a curiosity as it related to the “eye of the beholder.” Did Truth function as Beauty or was it still absolute, the transcendence of mortal language? Maybe Truth is relative and molded around the same philosophical point of view as Beauty? As microchips became more sophisticated, computer hardware and image editing software became more prevalent the idea of Truth and Beauty in the virtual world became a much-discussed topic or at least one to ruminate since the idea of avatars and human interface devices have created new realms of existence that can be explored via gaming, virtual and social networks. JMe wanted to respond to this new age of technology fomenting thought, art and discussion. Integrating John Keats famous and quasi-misunderstood poem, “Ode to a Grecian Urn,” and its famous last phrase, “Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty…” jonmarc quantifies through his compressed text; Does language reveal truth? Can beauty be virtual? Can painting still inspire big questions?

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