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Trophy Husband

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Gender roles and identity are subtly suggested and explored through the objectified use of color and form in this 2017 painting, Trophy Husband.  From the LA OPUS series the work combines existing colorful stencils with strategically placed brushstrokes, personifying the grand gesture in the throes of intuition and experience. At the center of the panel is an obscured gold vertical swath metaphorically representing androcentrism or the myth of male power and control. Enveloping the gold swath is an incongruous field of tonally cool color and raw stencils, an off-white primer throughout the painting functions as a bond for the disparate colors and to unite the raw stencils with the painted ones. Further study of the surface reveals areas of unpainted wood panel – a favorite device of jonmarc’s, to show the foundation of the piece and boost the succeeding layers within the painterly field. The phallic suggestion of the gold centerpiece gives an element of objectifying the anatomy, referencing the title in terms of reverse stereotyping, the “husband’s trophy” is on display while the “partner’s” work ostensibly created the value and environment for the work to be viewed.

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