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Sharp Pants

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In June 2021, a large rock was thrown through JonMarc’s studio window in the early morning hours. Nothing was stolen, but there was some damage to artwork drying on a table. Luckily, the broken glass was safety glass and broke into thousands of little pieces. Some of the glass landed on paintings still drying, but most of the broken glass was spread over the floor. JMe called to have the glass replaced and then quickly began to sweep the floors; he didn’t want to be reminded of the destruction any longer than he had to. While sweeping the floors and cleaning up, he noticed that glass had landed on the drying paintings; he had an epiphany. Rather than throw the broken glass away, he decided to save it and experiment with it, turning the moment’s frustration into a creative action.

JMe has a long history of painting and drawing clothing and accessories, usually with an affectionate and humorous touch. Sharp Pants, in this instance, is a wry comment on style, fashion, and the suitability of materials.

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