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Riverside Drive





Riverside Drive from the “LA  Opus” series is a montage of visual cues; some concrete (stencils), others symbolic (tire tread-like marks) or representational (green square = Griffith Park) to help define the overall, well-balanced composition of the painting. Using discarded laser cut letterforms from recycled chipboard, the various typefaces are intuitively patch-worked into intersections of color to convey the creative pulse and outdoor activity of the Los Feliz / Griffith Park section of Los Angeles. JonMarc’s use of typography calls attention to the random information we encounter in the form of signs and billboards. Bold colors and subtle nuance of pigments create a sensitivity of surface to balance the stencil motif that dominates the entire “LA  Opus” series. The stencils suggest camouflage or wallpaper; revealing through commonplace the interconnectivity of our everyday routines and the unique moments that reside in them.