Bag of Debriti


Debriti is biodegradable letterforms made from Recycled Chip Board, 100% Natural. Comes in 5 varieties, FUTURA, HELVETICA, BELL BOTTOM, TYPEWRITER & WHEELHOUSE.*

*WHEELHOUSE is not a letterform but DEBRITI cut from re-purposed dictionaries.

Take Action With Words!

A Bag of Debriti contains:

  • 2 oz. Standard Debriti (including bio-fill)
  • Biodegradable fill (to absorb moisture and create volume)
  • Please Use Debriti with care.


What Is Debriti?

The word Debriti is a compound created from the words (debris + graffiti)

Debriti is a constructive non-evasive form of protest or creative engagement.

Make crosswords, poems, patterns, throw it to the wind, place it in public or private spaces to comment or protest without damaging property or visually oppressing the environment.

This relationship between dispersal of DEBRITI and sharing the action of spreading text or language is essential to the experience.

How will you use your DEBRITI?  See what others have done or send your images to:

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.75 × 9 in

Futura, Helvetica, Bell bottom, Typewriter, Wheelhouse


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