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Concealed by the arbitrary placement of colorful squares, the subject of the painting evolves into a metaphor for color as a distraction. At first glance, Plumage seems settled, unmoving with squares within squares. But on closer examination, the painting is built upon layers of painterly possibilities. Drips and leakages permeate the picture frame as color and shape, contrasts, and complimentary connections abound. The artwork explores the virtue of looking, making judgments, and following leads that may ultimately point to nowhere. Alas, textures, raised surfaces from built-up paint, and embossed acrylic letters applied haphazardly add to an inkling that something is “here.” The “aha” moment gently passes as the act of seeing and discovering is its reward. As with many JMe paintings from the Silver Lake Series, the application of paint and the construction of the compositions seem to encourage excitement, delight, and perhaps a desire to create one’s own paintings. The magic of Plumage is that we want to look, discover, and be inspired.

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