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Pershing Square

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Pershing Square is a  work on paper revealing jonmarc’s delight in color and process. Collage, stencil and fragments are utilized over the whole surface of the paper exposing only the upper center bronze colored square. Most of the acrylic and spray painted stencils are repurposed templates from other paintings. The seemingly random color combinations and unique density of form create a vitality and sense of narrative play within the flatness of the visual plane. Suggestions of previous experimentations regarding the metallic bronze underlaying of the work complement the pedestrian chip board used in the laser-cut stencils enhancing the color contrasts such as the mars black, periwinkle blue and deep violet hue at the bottom left corner of the piece. This is one of over fifty works on paper, board or canvas from the “Opus” series, a collection of work celebrating JMe’s thirty years in Los Angeles.

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