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MID CITY Opening

Mid City exhibition at Coagula opened yesterday with a bang! During the first hour of the opening a traditional Chinese dragon parade wound it’s way around Chung King Road with dancers throwing firecrackers, sparklers spiting colors and children covering their ears during the cacophonous procession. The gallery saw a steady stream of art minders and it was great to see old friends and new. Since my work does not have the conspicuous style that would lend it self to immediate sales I feel my success in an opening night lies in the questions and creative reactions to my paintings and the environment I created as a whole. In the case of MID CITY I found the experience a success with the optimism of sales very high.

The theme of the show was again the relationship between language and the creative act. This time I used letters not as content but as debris. I choose to use the counter-space or drop out of the negative space of the letters as the content or form to structure my paintings and use the letters as the discard, the consumptive detritus of our “self-expressive” culture. As I spent more time with the show and talked about it I could see that what I had created was just a sketch to something bigger and more effective on a grander scale. I intend to push some of these ideas to greater physical means and exert more intention onto the art minded public.


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