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Mary Shelly

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Edwards introduced his mysterious and poignant “portrait” Mary Shelly at SCOPE 2014 in New York City. In conversation with fellow artists and exhibition attendees comments ranged from intrigue by the suggestive title to bewilderment by the collage effects of the cast-off museum board fragments culled together from other projects. The eerie chartreuse aura that undulates the parameter of the painting is distinguished by the dark semi-gloss Payne’s gray surface giving the abstract portrait an air of cohesiveness in spite of the spiky and saw-toothed forms that make up the center image. You will notice from the side of the surface plane multiple layers that make up the mask like features, a splattering of radiant colors that contrast with the rich dark grays and blue-violets. This gives the painting a strength as all the formal attributes contribute to and subsequently reinforce the themes of the Mary Shelley novella; created from brutal remains and joined anew by means of modern science, Shelley’s story is an allegory intent to mend ones displaced soul.

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