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Ixnay Fauntleroy

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Ixnay Fauntleroy is a painting with a split personality. Divided visually by its horizontal title at the top left side and complemented underneath by a geometric composition.  The right side of the painting contains a deep cadmium red field filled with colorful carefree disks dancing with detail. JMe created this painting while dealing with the effects of Covid. His symptoms were mild but persistent, the malady toying with his impatience to get well quick and the underlying truth that only rest, plenty of liquids, and healthy decisions will beat the virus. The two manifestations of the painting, the playful deceit on the right side, bright colors, animated with an element of biological hazard and the left side, abstinent, sound strength of post and lintel composition, the bronze and silver, placid blue and peach hues holding up the title. A self-conscious title for all to decipher, i.e., stop, be mindful when you’re sick.

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