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We are in a climate emergency, one of cataclysmic circumstance for us, our children and our children’s children according to 11,000 scientists from around the globe. https://phys.org/news/2019-11-scientists-climate-isnt-temperature.html  The disturbing consequence for us who want to do something on a national / global level is that our corrupt and do nothing executive branch is squandering these precious days and months ahead of our 2020 elections so vital to disseminating important information and help implement some of the goals put forth by our leading scientists. As artists we need to (again) sound the alarm whether in protest or in our own creative work directly. For many scientists, Greenland is considered “ground zero” for climate change. It’s ice sheet is melting, which is upending its landscape and revealing thousand-year old debris. It was this alarming transition I wanted to capture in this piece. GREENLAND is a small mixed media painting employing all my favorite components (texts, detritus, residual paint and floor sweepings) into an interrelated surface of contrasting commotion and fluid combinations. I documented the initial pour and subsequent layout of the components to Greenland. You can observe the spontaneous dump of debris and quickly start to perceive a layout of discontinuous signifiers working together to form a unified compositional group. Color was added sparingly and over time using many layers to create transparencies of washes as not to let them turn muddy by applying color before the last one dried. GREENLAND is a visual study and a forewarning of the dire climatic implications that lie ahead if we don’t challenge the fossil fuel industries and the politicians that are beholden to them to make the necessary changes immediately.

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