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A little-known painting but instrumental in JMe’s early “fragmented” works of the mid-nineteen-nineties. FETISH was imagined as a multi-color character painting but after completing the initial artwork JMe felt he had not instilled the impulse or mania of the piece and continued to push the conceit thematically and visually. JMe first cut the painted panel into five sections (representing his five “moods”) using a rotary saw with a course blade more akin to cutting 2 x 4’s than ¼” ply. The over-wrought blade gave the sections a rougher look around the edges. He then sanded the composition down the panel to the original gesso surface in some areas, leaving other sections with their original application. Fetish was drilled in two places to offset the surface plane and create balance, giving the piece more mystery into the relationship of the holes. A few weeks would go by and JMe applied the rubber plumbing fixtures around the holes giving the work a more finished look. Still too plain to befit the word FETISH, JMe had just received that same year his Grand Father’s workshop tools and, as part of the effects, a paper bag filled with rusty nails. The old nails would be the component that gives FETISH its most distinctive attribute. As a whole, the work is a six-month accumulation of desire, modification, and patience. FETISH was ultimately sold and shipped to Washington D.C. It was packed in Los Angeles by a reputable shipping company. It was received in pieces by the collector. Thus began an odyssey of correspondence, phone calls, and repairs that lasted another 6-9 months.

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