Counter Space

Counter Space

Art is


Art is Language

Language is Abstraction

Abstraction is Essence

The essence of abstraction is to embody through language the meaning of art as a mode to express or communicate the ineffable.

The ineffable is represented in language by the counter space, the space around the subject, the illegible form and the in-between silence that gives language meaning.

Meaning becomes a tangible agreement constructed in abstraction.

I create private languages to personify the abstraction.

These private languages become models of interaction further embodying the abstraction.

These models expose an important contradiction in language, fragility and elasticity. Ultimately, revealing the importance of the “counter space,” the abstract component in language.

The abstract in language is physical and concrete in nature. The individual letter, the rules that quantify the behavior of letters, the systematic codification of behavior to communicate is the tangible relationship between art and language.

Whereas the arbitrary agreement-based attributes of language create a contained sense of reality and provide the infinite realm of possibilities, the Counter Space, indistinct, amorphous, silent, is the abstract entity of language, the formidable integration of essences, the true meaning of Art.


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