Meredith Monk’s ATLAS

I was at the premiere of Meredith Monk’s ATLAS at Walt Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles, Tuesday June 11, 2019. Having never seen the original performance back in the 90’s I was excited to be able to have the opportunity to experience this astonishing and vocally hypnotic production. The centerpiece was at 36’ diameter globe utilizing light projections and other computer generated effects to represent (for me) space / time travel and a vehicle to narrate the human quest of exploration, observation and spiritual awakening. Seen through the eyes of the protagonist “Alexandra,” we participate in her journey in three parts (childhood, youth and maturity) and over twenty scenes. Alexandra travels with her companions and other characters / participants into the voyage of a creative life expressed through a vocally complex and wordless communication system. The LA Phil New Group orchestration was wonderfully integrated with the quirky operatic singing to compliment the entire performance; mesmerizing instrumentation kept the direction of movement and choreography fresh and vital rather than compulsory and repetitive. Overall a masterpiece of visual virtuosity, a memorable and transcendent musical score combined with a hauntingly transcriptive vocal accomplishment by all the performers. Bravo!!

You can hear snippets of music from each scene if you follow this link and scroll down the NYT review and click on the index, ATLAS-An Opera In Three Parts

What If We Went To Moscow? Christiane Jahaty – Redcat theater

Christiane Jahaty latest theatrical / filmmaking event was exquisitely presented. Inviting the audience to simultaneously consider their perspective and the artist’s creative choices within the context of Chekhov’s play, Three Sisters. The audience was broken up into two parts with one half lead to experience the live theatrical version of the play and the other half watching a live edited feed of the play. Each sister had a camera following them in the play so in the filmic experience you were able to witness close-ups, private moments and alternative dynamics to the narrative of the story. The theatrical side was assisted by translating message boards above the stage as the play was performed in Jahaty’s native tongue, Portuguese. This added to the flavor and tempestuous relationship between the characters and reinforced the visual keys to the sonic moments. There was, humor, nudity, confrontation and audience participation . To learn more about the exciting immersive performance and the work of Christiane Jahaty follow the link below.

Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again

Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again at the Whitney Nov 18, 2018 through March 31, 2019 is the first retrospective of Warhol since 1989. All his greatest hits are here as well as a lot of rare early work, film, sound and photographs. Most museums of the world have a Warhol or two or three in their respected collections so the spotting a rarity or “factory” curiosity is always a challenge and an adventure to undertake. This excursion was no real adventure as the work in this show had a scrubbed and shine quality to it as if the work had passed through the gates of the Emerald city and was given a veneer of gloss and spit. The paintings looked squeaky clean with no trace of the Sixties or the dirt and grime of mid-Manhattan and the factory environment. Maybe it was the dominance of the mural-sized vinyl pieces and Basquiat collaborations of the Eighties. I for one like the smudges and scuff marks, the personal touch-ups and the aire of verisimilitude. There are many appealing resources to access in the exhibition; maps, books, video, interviews, etc. and you can only wonder how Warhol would have handled the internet and social media. It seems as we move forward the handlers of the Warhol Estate will continue to clean and polish the iconic figure of the mid-twentieth century art world into a well-polished and oiled machine.

Brent Building

The Brent Building (now the Standard Hotel) in downtown Los Angeles was formally the fictitious law offices for the Perry Mason television show. The façade of the Brent Building was seen as an ultra-contemporary building reflecting the sunny but cool temperament of the West Coast. With a doorman, idling stylish automobiles and plenty of foot traffic in front of the fashionable deco glass doors this location was used in many episodes as an establishing shot for the interior offices of Perry Mason and Paul Drake; his sidekick investigator. My infatuation with the TV series goes way back to early childhood and I continue to watch it (from time to time) as a comfort and sleep inducer. With over 250 episodes you can be sure to see many Southern California locations, popular guest stars and up-and-coming actors. Produced during the 50’s and early 60’s Raymond Burr as Perry Mason was one of the few stars with the clout and stature to include people of color in speaking roles and principal storylines.

Last Weekend of Flutter!!

September 1, 2018

FLUTTER, the omnipresent element
an immersive installation by jonmarc edwards

September 29th & September 30th, 2018

Live Installation and Artist Reception:
Saturday September 29th, 2pm & 8pm
Sunday September 30th, 2pm only!!

SEARCH + RESQ Projects
660 South Avenue 21
Studio 6
Los Angeles, CA 90031

For more info call 323.868.9785 or 213.483.1183

Artist JonMarc Edwards invites you to FLUTTER, an extraordinary event at the SEARCH + RESQ Projects located near the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. A sensual and conceptual installation, participants will intermittently be enveloped in a flurry of text, meaning and chaos. FLUTTER is an experience that connects both the visually stunning with the metaphorically inspiring. Sly, funny and wise, the conceptual installation visually asserts that language is an essential element like air, water, fire and wind (and as ubiquitous.) Flutter empowers participants to interact and make sense of the linguistic fabric that is all-around us; concrete, profuse, disposable – unique!

JonMarc Edwards has created or participated in many immersive & performative productions including;
Looming Bias – Art Center, Pasadena, Intelligent Living – Art Center / Wind Tunnel, Corral, CalPoly Pomona, Reverberations + Butoh, Captivity, Los Angeles. His most recent production, “The Debriti Show!” a textual apothecary has traveled throughout Southern California including Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA. and most recently A.P.E. Gallery – ARC summer series, Northampton, MA.

GLITCH December 1st – January 13th, 2018 MARKETstudio Silver Lake, CA

glitch – /ɡliCH/

noun – a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity

The images in GLITCH were gathered during cable broadcasts as the frame pixelated and froze, which allowed me time to grab my camera (or phone) and capture the image, a suspension of representation. These screen freezes occurred at home, restaurants or airports, anywhere there were screen transmissions. Much of the subject matter is news, entertainment, weather and sports, our daily bread. All the images are the result of transmission failure, data breakdown and picture fragmentation rather than any purposeful distortion using magnets or software.

Despite the arbitrary circumstances of the GLITCH aberrations they also represent our post-truth age where science, facts and reality are distorted to create confusion, doubt and fake news. It is also compelling that many of the abstract images are symptoms of our socio-political disintegration; capturing meaningless debates, war, commercialism, frozen in time from an unstable technology.

Initially I was attracted to the happenstance of the “Glitches,” the unique compositions of rich color, intriguing patterns and perplexing form randomly determined by the whereabouts and age of the transmitting screen. But ultimately it was the appeal of the visceral pause, the vibration of the technical stutter, a cultural metaphor for our current state of corruption and instability.

Matisse Gray

Bathers by the River – Henri Matisse, 1916

Gray. Matisse gray. For an artist who is known for his extravagant, vivid and uncompromising use of color, it is his gray palette that always attracts and punctuates my interest in Matisse’s painting. There is no mythology to Matisse gray, no academic treatise or “gray period” as far as I know but there is a raison d’etre that I have come to realize manifesting in his mid-teen paintings, culminating in; Portrait of Mme. Matisse, the Moroccan’s, the Piano Lesson and Bathers by the River. The muted gray colors could reference the harsh and stripped down war years of WWI, the influential Cubists’ with their partiality for gray, ochres and neutrals – a period that Matisse circled but did not join, Moroccan architecture (stone) where he traveled during this time or in the case of “Bathers,” a coming of age reference. More to come regarding this painting and Matisse Gray.

Chicago Institute of Art, Sep. 2017

SOCial Pop

SOCial POP opens at MARKET in Silver Lake! 
Time:  August 5th, 5 -8pm. 
Through the use of iconic, popular and mass media imagery SOC.POP comments and explores on the current social and political climate. Humorous and irreverent the exhibition will include paintings, multimedia and live performances. A kiosk will be installed for visitors to attach their own personal comments or images.

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