What Is Debriti Exactly?

What Is Debriti?

The dictionary will in time define Debriti; as a compound word composed from the words debris + graffiti) Debriti is composed of 3D letters or fragments of texts that have been purposely dropped, thrown or placed illicitly in a public or private space to call attention to itself and make political, personal or artistic declarations.

A metaphor for and more importantly, an antidote to the proliferation of words, hateful speeches, status updates, blogs and tweets, DEBRITI can be used to take concrete action to protest excessive and hyperbolic media as well as state/corporate surveillance. DEBRITI has been left on street corners, doorsteps, and on neighbors’ bookshelves.

Drop DEBRITI trails in retail stores or pile it into the corners of your home for good luck. Cast your DEBRITI to the wind, drop it off cliffs or place it under your pillow. DEBRITI should be used with care, wisely and with regard to those who might encounter DEBRITI. This relationship between dispersal of DEBRITI and sharing the action of spreading text or language is essential to the experience. Used properly DEBRITI is more powerful than any drug.

DEBRITI is sold at participating dispensaries or apothecaries. It is 100% natural, recycled and biodegradable. Letterforms and counter-space (the formations around and inside the letterforms) can be purchased together or separately. Debriti brand uses the highest quality pressed chipboard, cut in Los Angeles from the finest precision lasers and hand selected.

What will you do with your DEBRITI ?


Debriti© is the brand name and trademark for laser cut letterforms and is sold under copyright of artist jonmarc edwards and Debriti Brands©

Bag O' Debriti

Teka Lark Reading! at MARKET

Poet Teka Lark will be doing a reading at MARKET, Saturday November 7th at 6pm. Her book “Queen of Inglewood” will be out on Punkhostage Press in early 2016.

Teka Lark is a journalist, essayist, poet and independent publisher. She is the founder of the Blk Grrrl Book Fair. Her book “Queen of Inglewood” will be out on Punk Hostage Press in early 2016. She is also the founder and publisher of the radical community newspaper the Morningside Park Chronicle (MPC) and the BrickBat Revue Broadsheet. The MPC is a print newspaper that covers South Central LA and Inglewood and the BrickBat Revue is a broadsheet that covers poetry and art.

She is a segment producer on KPFK’s Feminist Magazine. Her writing has appeared in the LA Weekly, Ebony, Counterpunch, Time, LA Streetsblog and Zócalo Public Square. She was formerly the Tracks columnist at LA City Beat. She is a proud alumna of Mount St. Mary’s College, the best little women’s college in the west. She lives in the neighborhood of Morningside Park in Inglewood, California with her cat Fish.


Teka Lark



What is Manual Text?

Manual Text is a textual dispensary center conveniently located at MARKET off the 101 Freeway in Silver Lake Ca. Manual Text offers the post-modern consumer a comfortable and clean environment to peruse and purchase a variety of textual products. We call these textual products, DEBRITI.

Why do we need DEBRITI? DEBRITI represents a new relationship and understanding we have with text, that is; beyond the inherent “meaning,” text contain physical attributes of energetic force that can empower your daily life. Letters, words, characters and the myriad of arrangements and systems that utilize these graphic notations to communicate and emote have “meaning,” “expression” and “practicality” in the concrete (physical) form as well as the conceptual or idea based attributes; writing and speech.

How many times have you wanted to throw words back into someone’s face? (Please use our Air variety Debriti for this purpose only) Throw “Caution” to the wind or gently lay some positive thoughts on the precipice of a mountain? Now you can with 100% all natural, recycled and biodegradable Debriti. Our counter sales force will help prescribe or assist you in your decision making process regarding what you actually need to give you more Z-I-P and D-A-S-H in your step, fill that hollow part in your soul, behold that word that might just turn your luck around or create that visceral phrase that will help you even the score with an over zealous co-worker. With DEBRITI you can now literally drop some S-C-I-E-N-C-E.

Manual Text dispensary offers many varieties of Debriti and options to choose. Including our one-word packets, the “AIR” variety that flutters at a breath, Rare Pink Keepsake, or our standard bag of Green, Red or White 100% all natural Debriti. Manual Text will help empower your life through Debriti! Ask our inspired sales force how you can get involved with the Debriti revolution, the new way to let words speak as loud as actions!

JME 2015

Dispensary small

A Marriage In Check, the heart of the bride stripped bare…

A friend of mine who is a big Duchamp-ophile recommended that I read this book knowing that I myself have plenty of interest and opinions regarding the mastery of Marcel. This book was eye-opening (not retinally speaking) and a pleasure to read…

A Marriage In Check is a fascinating account by Marcel Duchamp’s first wife Lydie Fisher Sarazine-Levassor of their nine-month courtship and marriage. (L.F.S-L.)

From the first page we are privy to the awkward dynamic and suspicious circumstances of Lydie and Marcel’s initial encounter and subsequent engagement.  She explains that her father, Henri Sarazine-Levassor, wanted a divorce from his wife of 25 years and that Mrs. Marthe Sarazine-Levassor would only acquiesce once their only child Lydie was married off. This unusual request may have come less out of concern for her daughter and more as a means of preventing the divorce.  Lydie was a twenty-five year old recluse, overweight and by her own account not very attractive. For a while Marthe Sarazine-Levassor’s plan seemed to work as her daughter was unable to attract a suitable suitor. That was until Henri Sarazine-Levassor’s friends, the artist Francis Picabia and his then mistress Germaine Everling, decided to help. From this account Picabia and Germaine were instrumental in introducing Lydie to the charming, available and broke Marcel Duchamp. Marcel’s money was tied up with a large Brancusi purchase and he had become preoccupied with chess.  Duchamp had publicly renounced art and proclaimed to Lydie that he did not work for a living but would live off his chess winnings or other laissezfaire endeavors. Lydie and Marcel received the slightest of dowries, one that proved too small for the both of them to live off. This strained their marriage from the outset and what money they did have was spread especially thin because Marcel needed his own space to work.  They began to live separately and ultimately, Marcel asked for his freedom, telling Lydie that a divorce will not change anything and may help their relationship. Lydie wondered what happened; why did he marry her in the first place? Lydie began to suspect a conspiracy between her husband, her father and their mutual friends and was guilt-ridden that her marriage forced her mother to succumb to the father’s will. Although Lydie was never fully embraced by Duchamp’s artistic milieu she did hope to win Duchamp’s love and trust, thinking that over time she would be accepted by Francis Picabia, Man Ray, Katherine Dreier and the rest of Duchamp’s posse. But this arrangement seems to have been a Fait accompli and those close to Duchamp (except for Duchamp’s youngest sister, Yvonne) kept Lydie at arm’s length when not interrogating her tastes and morals. This is a compelling read that gives the reader insight into familiar personalities and avant-garde artists from an alternative and unique perspective. It is also a wonderful window into the chaos of post-World War I France and the changing class-consciousness that would become prime subject matter for the avant-garde during the twenties.  Lydie Fischer Sarazine-Levassor’s observations and remembrances were written not as a salacious tell-all or as art history but rather for a Duchamp retrospective occurring at the Pompidou in Paris, 1977. I recommend this book to anyone who would like a better comprehension into the life and character of Marcel Duchamp the man, not the artist. Marriage

Studio Collaborations

Thollem McDonas & Angela C Villa dropped by my studio Wednesday during a rare break from their busy touring schedule. Thollem is an amazing keyboard virtuoso who (if you checked out his website you know) recently performed in Matthew Barney’s film / opera, “River Of Fundament.” We started to rehearse on a “top secret” musical / visual event to be preformed here in LA in late February 2015. I will release a short video clip soon of our end of rehearsal theatrics shot by Angela. I guess you could call it a teaser for the up-coming event. Stay tuned!

Thollem and PeterThollem McDonas & Peter Valsamis @ Café NELA, Sep 4, 2014

MID CITY Opening

Mid City exhibition at Coagula opened yesterday with a bang! During the first hour of the opening a traditional Chinese dragon parade wound it’s way around Chung King Road with dancers throwing firecrackers, sparklers spiting colors and children covering their ears during the cacophonous procession. The gallery saw a steady stream of art minders and it was great to see old friends and new. Since my work does not have the conspicuous style that would lend it self to immediate sales I feel my success in an opening night lies in the questions and creative reactions to my paintings and the environment I created as a whole. In the case of MID CITY I found the experience a success with the optimism of sales very high.

The theme of the show was again the relationship between language and the creative act. This time I used letters not as content but as debris. I choose to use the counter-space or drop out of the negative space of the letters as the content or form to structure my paintings and use the letters as the discard, the consumptive detritus of our “self-expressive” culture. As I spent more time with the show and talked about it I could see that what I had created was just a sketch to something bigger and more effective on a grander scale. I intend to push some of these ideas to greater physical means and exert more intention onto the art minded public.


Pulse Art Fair 2014, NYC

MAY 8 – 11, 2014
The Metropolitan Pavilion
New York, NY
Coagula Curatorial is pleased to be included in this year’s PULSE New York art fair, with new works by:
Abel Alejandre, Mark Dutcher, Jonmarc Edwards, Ian Pines, Leigh Salgado, and Carol Sears
Coagula continues its run of the art fair circuit with a survey of recent works by 6 Los Angeles artists. Coagula’s
exhibit at PULSE is located at booth # C5, in the newly designed fair layout, under the direction of new fair director,
Helen Toomer.
Since 2005, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair has nurtured galleries and created an international community for them
to grow within the contemporary art market.
PULSE combines thoughtfully curated exhibitions with an evolving series of programming, which reflects the fair’s
commitment to making the visitor experience a dynamic one.
Under the leadership of Helen Toomer, newly appointed director, PULSE New York 2014 will present a revitalized
platform for the discovery of contemporary art and will continue to demonstrate the fair’s commitment to the
exchange of ideas from pioneering and seasoned artists.

Mary Shelly III

MID CITY press release

mid city 2Ab

Coagula Curatorial

Jonmarc Edwards


May 31 – June 21, 2014

Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by LA based artist Jonmarc Edwards. There will be an opening reception for the artist Saturday May 31, 6-9pm. This show will feature work from Jonmarc’s provocative and tactile series of paintings, Mid-City. Named after the location of Jonmarc’s studio in Los Angeles, Mid-City integrates the topography of information and textual fallout with an array of mixed materials, distinctive color and bold compositions.

“The activity of painting is in part, the application of the past with the mixing of the new in preparation for the future. I see painting as an action and a consciousness of place, not limited to materials or form. My inclination is to communicate and challenge the viewer visually and then entice them into the realm of the un-said. Painting is the medium where the art is the activism of creative self-expression.”

Highly original yet containing the familiarity of the everyday, Edwards’ paintings contain layers of content while simultaneously engaging the viewer with activity and purpose. His work is thought-filled while remaining loose, candid and willing to follow a path of instinct rather than a pattern of style.

Jonmarc is best known for his work that transforms composed writings into concise, legible pictographic landscapes. His work has been individually exhibited in the United States and abroad at galleries that include Apex Art Gallery, NYC, Carl Berg Gallery in Los Angeles, Art Affairs, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston, Texas. Edwards has received numerous grants, awards and commissions including the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation in New York City, the Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN, the Jerome Foundation, St. Paul, MN and the Neiman-Marcus Memorial Commission, Dallas, Texas.

Edwards diverse interests include set and costume pieces for dance and performance including; “Corral” at CalPoly Pomona, “Looming Bias” and “Intelligent Living” performed at Art Center, Pasadena. Jonmarc has also presented a billboard series “My Work Is Here,” located at major intersections around Los Angeles. Jonmarc has recently finished “The Truth Collection,” an edition of fifty-leaded crystal sculptures. It is the result of his commissioned painting, TRUTH completed in September 2012. “The Truth Collection,” under the direction of Mark Litwin M.D., MPH. Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, is awarded to graduating residents that exhibit a gift for the sensitive and nurturing practice of patients’ rights advocacy.

Press Release for Pulse Miami


Pulse Miami Contemporary Art Fair

December 5 – 8, 2013
Arts and Media District


COAGULA CURATORIAL is pleased to announce its participation in Pulse Miami

Booth C-201
December 5 – 8, 2013
The Ice Palace
1400 North Miami Avenue at 14th St.
Miami, Fl 33136

Featuring new work by Jonmarc Edwards
as well as works by Mark Dutcher, Richard Edson and Tim Youd

Fair Hours:

Thursday, Dec. 5th Pulse MiamiPreview 9am – 1pm (invite only)
Thursday, Dec. 5th   1 – 7pm
Friday, Dec 6th            10 – 7pm
Saturday, Dec 7th     10 – 7pm
Sunday, Dec 8th           5 – 7pm

In Advance: Pulse Miami Preview / New Work by Jonmarc Edwards

For Immediate Release:                                                                    October 11, 2013

In Advance: Pulse Miami Preview/ New Work by Jonmarc Edwards

Sunday November 3, 11AM – 3PM

Atlas 6x4Jonmarc Edwards ATLAS, 2013. Mixed media on canvas, 88 x 99 inches.

Photo credit: Avesha Michael.

Coagula Curatorial is pleased to feature Jonmarc Edwards at Pulse Miami 2013. You are cordially invited to a private preview at the artist’s studio to view the entire body of work before select pieces ship to Miami.

In his new work, JonMarc’s boundary pushing use of graphic text in painting transcends literal interpretation. Suspended in paint, indecipherable constructed layers whisper in every language at once; unifying and defining us.

In Advance: Pulse Miami Preview is a private, one day preview, specifically for collectors and press before new work ships to Pulse, Miami. This event will be held at the studio of Jonmarc Edwards on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 from 11AM – 3PM. Light refreshments will be served. The studio of Jonmarc Edwards is located in Culver City at 5574 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, 2 blocks east of the 10 freeway at Clyde Avenue. RSVP to jonmarc@textact.com. For additional information please call 213.880.4520 or visit http://www.jmeartnow.com.

 Jonmarc Edwards

Born to a nomadic family of retail hustlers and small town shopkeepers Jonmarc grew up making produce signs and wrapping gifts for his father’s 5 & 10 stores. Jonmarc’s art began to grow out of this mixture of ink and block printing and his careful attention to gift presentation. As his father’s job evolved into managing stores, art became the only constant in Jonmarc’s life as his education became a revolving door of public schools throughout the Midwest. Eventually Jonmarc would travel all over the U.S. and Japan gathering influences as diverse as calligraphy, punk art and short story writing.

Since 1990, Jonmarc has lived in Los Angeles, finding fertile ground for these interests. He is best known for work that transforms composed writings into concise, legible pictographic landscapes. His work has been individually exhibited in the United States and abroad at galleries that include Apex Art Gallery, NYC , Newspace Gallery and Carl Berg Gallery in Los Angeles, Art Affairs, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Deborah Colton Gallery in Houston, Texas. Edwards has received numerous grants, awards and commissions including the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation in New York City, the Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN, the Jerome Foundation in St. Paul, MN and the Neiman-Marcus Memorial Commission in Dallas, Texas.

Edwards diverse interests have led him to create a line of jewelry, costumes and set pieces for the performances of “Looming Bias” performed at Art Center, Pasadena and a billboard series “My Work Is Here,” located at major intersections of Los Angeles. Jonmarc has recently finished “The Truth Collection,” an edition of fifty-leaded crystal sculptures completed in September 2013. The Truth Collection, under the direction of Mark Litwin M.D., MPH. Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, is awarded to graduating residents that exhibit a gift for the sensitive and nurturing practice of patients’ rights advocacy.


Coagula Curatorial-

To celebrate twenty years of publishing Coagula Art Journal, acclaimed editor, art critic and curator Mat Gleason opened Coagula Curatorial as a premiere exhibition space of contemporary art. COAGULA CURATORIAL is located in the historic Chung King Road of contemporary art galleries in Downtown L.A.’s Chinatown, the gallery affirms Downtown as a viable location for the creative industries that drive the Los Angeles economy.

Coagula Art Journal was first published in April, 1992, brainchild of Los Angeles writer Mat Gleason. The bimonthly print journal quickly gained notoriety as a no-holds critique of contemporary art and the art world. Championing Los Angeles and mocking New York when the notion of the Big Apple playing second fiddle to “LaLa Land” was considered delusional, the art world as it exists now was envisioned as obvious on the pages of Coagula a generation ago. With over 100 published issues, it is the autonomous companion to the rise of the Los Angeles art scene. The publication continues now as a regular catalogue of Coagula Curatorial shows with Gleason helming publisher and curator duties. Coagula Curatorial is dedicated to the gallery’s exhibition and events calendar.


Pulse Miami–

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is the leading US art fair dedicated solely to contemporary art. Through its annual editions in Miami and New York, PULSE provides a unique platform for diverse galleries to present a progressive blend of renowned and pioneering contemporary artists, alongside an evolving series of original programming. The fair’s distinctive commitment to the art community and visitor experience makes PULSE unique among art fairs and creates an art market experience that is both dynamic and inviting.