Brent Building

The Brent Building (now the Standard Hotel) in downtown Los Angeles was formally the fictitious law offices for the Perry Mason television show. The façade of the Brent Building was seen as an ultra-contemporary building reflecting the sunny but cool temperament of the West Coast. With a doorman, idling stylish automobiles and plenty of foot traffic in front of the fashionable deco glass doors this location was used in many episodes as an establishing shot for the interior offices of Perry Mason and Paul Drake; his sidekick investigator. My infatuation with the TV series goes way back to early childhood and I continue to watch it (from time to time) as a comfort and sleep inducer. With over 250 episodes you can be sure to see many Southern California locations, popular guest stars and up-and-coming actors. Produced during the 50’s and early 60’s Raymond Burr as Perry Mason was one of the few stars with the clout and stature to include people of color in speaking roles and principal storylines.

Last Weekend of Flutter!!

September 1, 2018

FLUTTER, the omnipresent element
an immersive installation by jonmarc edwards

September 29th & September 30th, 2018

Live Installation and Artist Reception:
Saturday September 29th, 2pm & 8pm
Sunday September 30th, 2pm only!!

SEARCH + RESQ Projects
660 South Avenue 21
Studio 6
Los Angeles, CA 90031

For more info call 323.868.9785 or 213.483.1183

Artist JonMarc Edwards invites you to FLUTTER, an extraordinary event at the SEARCH + RESQ Projects located near the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. A sensual and conceptual installation, participants will intermittently be enveloped in a flurry of text, meaning and chaos. FLUTTER is an experience that connects both the visually stunning with the metaphorically inspiring. Sly, funny and wise, the conceptual installation visually asserts that language is an essential element like air, water, fire and wind (and as ubiquitous.) Flutter empowers participants to interact and make sense of the linguistic fabric that is all-around us; concrete, profuse, disposable – unique!

JonMarc Edwards has created or participated in many immersive & performative productions including;
Looming Bias – Art Center, Pasadena, Intelligent Living – Art Center / Wind Tunnel, Corral, CalPoly Pomona, Reverberations + Butoh, Captivity, Los Angeles. His most recent production, “The Debriti Show!” a textual apothecary has traveled throughout Southern California including Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA. and most recently A.P.E. Gallery – ARC summer series, Northampton, MA.