SOCial Pop

SOCial POP opens at MARKET in Silver Lake! 
Time:  August 5th, 5 -8pm. 
Through the use of iconic, popular and mass media imagery SOC.POP comments and explores on the current social and political climate. Humorous and irreverent the exhibition will include paintings, multimedia and live performances. A kiosk will be installed for visitors to attach their own personal comments or images.

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Text Dispersion

Text Dispersion

Text dispersion through mechanical (Shaker Painting) or technological devices (computer, internet) allows the poet, the would-be-poet or otherwise creative bystander the access and therefore the initiative to produce meaningful word groupings aka poetry.

That the actions occur with volition and with the objective to “express” makes for a dynamic environment to create. 

Poetry initiated through Text Dispersion methods is primarily a group objective, culminating from a random set of circumstances but direct in its effort to be expressive.

Creative group intent is an evocative, resplendent and sublime experience.

The creative action produces immediate results through physical acts and mental focus.

Content generated by the means of text dispersion becomes the substance for group discussions regarding publishing, distribution or other poetic documentation.

Poetry is not only an academic occupation but more importantly a group endeavor enjoyed by professionals and neophytes alike with a focus on stimulating the mind and the senses.

Please incorporate time code and longitude and latitude in the documentation when doing all group Text Dispersion action poetry.

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Gray Kinda Suits

JonMarc Edwards

American (Leavenworth KS. 1959)

Gray Kinda Suits

Mixed media on Canvas

36 x 48 inches 2017

Since deciding to remain obscure and create for the most part in isolation JonMarc has produced work in media that range from small paintings to monumental set pieces. In this mixed media collage on wood panel Gray Kinda Suits* he composes laser cut stencils (mechanical uniformity) on a previously discarded painting to create a dialogue between the gray labyrinthine under-structure of the old painting and the “painterly vibrancy” of the new. 

Rather than choose to destroy or gesso over in its entirety the previous work JM uses this opportunity to create a dialogue between abandonment and revitalization. The colors preform and stand out from the monochromatic gray and in doing so unmask the former painting’s intention; confuse, monotony, languish.

Edwards work evokes the recognizable imagery of Jasper Johns or more recently Christopher Wool. But rather than let the stencil stand on its own merit or function JonMarc uses the ready-made templates and brushy color schemes to obscure past meanings and actions to form new “exertions” between past and present. Edwards reveals the camouflage of ready-made and artistic gesture as tools to help express how even seemingly innocuous an overt art strategies can band together to create vital new works from past miscalculations.

*Grateful Dead title / ref

05) Grey Kinda Suits