Concrete Poetry

Concrete Poetry

March 28 – July 30, 2017

Getty Research Institute

Concrete Poetry Exhibitions are rare so it was exceptional to be able to see a nice collection of concrete poetry related art, books and installations at the Getty Museum. I personally love seeing the Augusto de Campo pieces as he has been a major influence in my own work throughout the years. The scheduled “discussion” was informative but was a little “grey” in that the speakers were mostly talking about the past (feuds and definitions) and slightly patriarchal, where are all the women concrete poets? The evening could have infused more women and younger people into the conversation and discussed where concrete poetry is headed now… as I see it is a viable and stimulating practice.

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Wind, Eugen Gomringer


Lygia Fingers

Lygia Fingers, Augusto de Campos

1953, letterpress print

Ewerdt Higlemann

Ewerdt Hilgemann

It was a joy to see Ewerdt Hilgemann’s exhibition at Royale Projects today. Having known Ewerdt’s work for 15 years it was great to see what appeared to be a mini-retrospective, with his signature implosions but also a film from the early 70’s and zero / minimalist sculptures from the 60’s. I was also surprised to see a mural on the east wall of the gallery, Ewerdt has always been politically minded but this was the first overt work that I could say was done with a strong message and personal connection together in one piece, bravo!

IMG_0257 Ewerdt